Don't Let Broken Drywall Distract From Your Style

We provide drywall repair services in Hamilton Square & Newtown, PA

Maybe you were moving something heavy, like a piece of furniture, when it slipped out of your hands and collided with a wall. Perhaps a piece of artwork or a TV fell and damaged the wall on its way down. Regardless of the cause of the damage, MRO Painting can help you fix it.

We offer drywall repair services, including drywall patching, in Hamilton Square, Newtown, PA and surrounding areas. Our team will spackle or patch the wall, allow the coat to dry and apply more spackle as needed. When we've created a smooth surface, we'll sand, prime and paint it to match the surrounding wall. To make your wall look like it was never broken, schedule our drywall repair services now.

Are you dealing with water damage?

Water damage can spread quickly, and moisture can foster mold growth. Before we fix your wall, we'll inspect it for signs of mold. We'll cut away a square, apply a mold killer where needed and prepare to install a patch. Before you know it, the damage will be gone. Contact us today for a free estimate on mold treatment and drywall patching services.