Is Your Stain Fading?

Renew it with our wood staining services in the Hamilton Square & Newtown, PA area

Once, the stain on your deck was vibrant and consistent. Now, it's fading, and some patches are lighter or darker than others. MRO Painting can restore the deck to its old appearance by providing wood staining services.

Our team based in Hamilton Square, NJ offers a variety of options, including:

  • Door staining services
  • Window frame staining services
  • Crown molding staining services
  • Wall panel staining services
  • Stair staining services
  • Handrail staining services

However, we don't stain hardwood floors. Call 609-422-0297 now for a free estimate on staining services, like window or door staining.

Find out about our process

When you book our wood staining services, you can choose a stain color while we prepare for the project. We'll sand everything that needs to be stained and cover nearby surfaces to protect them. Then, we'll apply one or two coats of the stain. After it dries for a day, we'll coat it with polyurethane, dry it, sand it and add a second coat of polyurethane. For long-lasting color, book our staining services today.